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ALISON'S WONDERLAND - a Spice anthology

Alison's WonderlandAlison's Wonderland, is a collection of magical and fairy tale themed erotica, collected by the legendary author and editor Alison Tyler. It contains contributions from many well known erotica authors including Saskia Walker and Portia Da Costa.

Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Spice; Original edition (July 1, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0373605455
ISBN-13: 978-0373605453

Available in print from eHarlequin, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Available as an ebook from Harlequin eBook Store and Amazon Kindle

This collection contains:



Confused artist Charlie meets the woman of his dreams... literally!

Charlie’s jaw dropped and he lost the power of logical thought. His hands felt as if they were flapping at his sides, disconnected from his brain and all nerve control.

For a full half minute, he just gawked at the figure who stood waiting on his threshold.

“Well, are you not going to invite me in?” remarked the Queen of the Fairies, gliding forward and compelling Charlie to back up and back up so as not to impede her regal progress. “I thought that you would be pleased to see me!”

“But -” was all Charlie could utter. His mouth still seemed to want to hang wide open in flabbergasted amazement. The door behind his visitor closed without benefit of her hand or his own and he was faced with his imagination made flesh.

She was exactly how he had drawn her. Every line. Every detail. And yet much, much more. Her body was lusher and more full than the paper version, and the gossamer-like dress that approximated the gown he’d drawn for her was barely more than a film of heavenly blue pigment that floated translucently on the surface of her skin. She even wore the complicated necklace of pearlescent stars he’d created.

Her face was perfection. An over-used word, but he couldn’t think of another. A beautiful, pure, immaculate heart-shape, with skin that was as white as a dove’s wing, yet dewy and all a-sheen with vibrant life. Thick glossy hair seemed to hover and float around her head in a fiery mass of many different shades of crimson, auburn and terra-cotta. While her lips gleamed with precisely the same singing rose red he’d painted on them just minutes ago.

But it was her eyes, her eyes that froze him to the spot. Huge, slightly up-tilted, lined with kohl and sparkling – again – with all the shades he’d used to portray them. Ultramarine, Prussian blue, twinkling flecks of mica-flecked cerulean.

“What are you staring at, Charlie?” she enquired with a sultry smile that was so familiar it made him want to swoon like a girl, “Did I not get it all right?’ She paused, then slowly ran both her hands upwards over her sumptuous curves until they reached her flawless face. Once there, she delicately touched her pretty jaw-line, her high cheekbones, and her luscious lips, “It is all here, is it not? Everything you wanted?”

“Ye- Yes... But...”

“I could explain it to you, Charlie -” She closed the small distance between them “but it would take an age, my dearest boy, and there are so much nicer things we could be doing with the time.”

Even as she was reaching for him, Charlie’s scanty courage re-emerged and he lifted a trembling hand to touch her.

The first place he made contact with was a full, sweetly-rounded breast.

Available in print from eHarlequin, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Available as an ebook from Harlequin eBook Store and Amazon Kindle

Alison's Wonderland edited by Alison Tyler
Harlequin Spice ® 2010  ISBN 978-0373605453
2010 story by Portia Da Costa
and are trademarks of the publisher

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