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THE DEVIL INSIDE by Portia Da Costa

Please be aware that this excerpt contains sensual content that is only suitable for adult readers who are comfortable with frank language and descriptions of erotic scenarios

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Imagine waking up one morning with a dramatically increased libido and the gift of psychic sexual intuition. Imagine being able to read other people's sexual fantasies through the gift of extra-sensual perception.

This is exactly what happens to the usually conventional Alexa Lavelle after minor head injury whilst on holiday in the Caribbean. And in order to satisfy her strange and voluptuous new appetites, she is compelled to seek the company of exotic new friends and associates. Beginning with an encounter with the sophisticated and enigmatic doctor, Beatrice, and her gorgeously lusty 'companion' Drew, Alexa finds herself drawn rapidly into a world of bizarre eroticism and dark indulgence.

Faced with the ultimate test of her body, her mind and her senses, can the newly transformed Alexa confront the devil deep inside?

'The Exotic Duo' - unedited excerpt

"The Black Lace Disclaimer: This book is a work of fiction. In real life, make sure you practice safe, sane and consensual sex"

The soft jingle of a belt buckle brought Alexa back from her fantasy. Siddig and Yusuf had shed their socks, shoes and shirts, and were now both stepping from their trousers. Both men had smooth, brown, superbly-toned bodies, and while Yusuf’s was long and lean like a sprinter’s, Siddig’s was more muscular and compact. Each of them wore an ivory silk thong.

Expecting these to be whipped off flamboyantly, Alexa watched, rapt, as Siddig turned away from Yusuf. In response, the taller man leant forward, undid the knotted cord that fastened in the small of his companion’s brown back, and then - as the ties fell away - he reached around and cupped Siddig’s genitals through the silk. A wanton, almost beatific expression passed across Siddig’s handsome face, and he pushed his crotch into Yusuf’s cradling hand.

Of course, they’re bi-sexual too, aren’t they? thought Alexa as Yusuf withdrew his fingers and with them came the tiny white covering. Siddig’s dark, circumcised cock was as well formed as the rest of him, and pointed upwards from his groin when revealed.

The idea of the two men making love together was too fascinating to resist. Yusuf was allowing Siddig to unveil him now, but in Alexa’s mind they were already several steps ahead. She saw them caressing, kissing each others bodies, then finally rearranging themselves. Yusuf - the quieter, more deferential one - would bend over, reach around and spread himself, then surrender his arse willingly to his friend.

They do! Of course they do! They’re lovers! Her erotic sense had been almost overloaded tonight; too many messages around her, and all of them strong. But now, here, in this quiet luxurious room, one signal had become blindingly clear.

Although Siddig and Yusuf both wanted her, they were both equally hot for each other. What would they say if she asked them to show her what they shared?

But before she could speak, both Siddig and Yusuf were on the bed with her, their meaty cocks bouncing within her reach. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to stretch out and touch them, and first one, then the other moaned softly.

‘Mmmm... That’s good,’ murmured Siddig, his hips wafting to push himself towards her. ‘Are you still hungry for us?’ he asked, folding his hand around hers, and with his free hand, angling her face towards his, ‘No doubts? No second thoughts?’ He was asking if she still dare do what she’d begged for.

‘None,’ she said, twisting her face to kiss his hand, ‘I want you... I want you in my...’ She felt blood pour into her face, more embarrassed by the word than the deed.

‘Your jolie petit cul?’ he supplied, softening the impact by lapsing into French, but making Alexa shudder at the thought of D’Aronville. As the rest of her body blushed, she nodded.

‘Well, we know a nice way, don’t we, Yus?’ he said, nodding to his friend, then lifting her hand from his cock to his lips. ‘A gentle way...’ He kissed her fingers lingeringly, as if sampling his own taste, then slid backwards and sat up against the bed-head. Reaching around, he stacked pillows behind his back, and when he seemed satisfied with that, he spread his legs and settled his bottom.

What am I supposed to do? thought Alexa, staring helplessly at his thick jutting cock. Just climb aboard?

As she hesitated, Siddig turned to one side, opened a drawer in the bedside cabinet, then reached in and fished something out.

It was a small oval shaped container of some kind, that had the flat, black gleam of onyx. Siddig lifted the lid, and immediately there was a strong, but quite pleasant smell of herbs.

‘Something to ease the path,’ he said, then dipped his fingers into the pot and smeared some of its contents on his cock. The ointment, or whatever it was, had no colour but made his dark flesh shine invitingly. Delving in once again, he coated himself thoroughly, then passed the black container to Yusuf. ‘And now some for the lady,’ he said, as his friend took the jar.

‘Kneel over, sweetheart,’ said Yusuf quietly, laying a hand on Alexa’s shoulders, ‘Put your bottom up. Let’s make you nice and greasy.’

Oh God, I can’t do this! thought Alexa, but nevertheless she went forward and lifted up her rump. It seemed impossible that she could let herself obey so easily, that she could display herself, but then again she’d done such things for Loosie, hadn’t she? And the camera had only magnified the shamefulness of it all.

She almost cried, several times, as Yusuf slowly and methodically packed her bottom with the soft, scented cream. There was a mad churning in her bowel - a forbidden, dirty delightfulness. It made her bite into the shining golden counterpane, and almost gnaw through it, as Yusuf’s fingers slid repeatedly inside her.

‘There... You’re ready,’ he said as he finished, then dipped down to press a kiss to her back.

‘Now... We all have to work together to make this happen,’ said Siddig a little hoarsely, and as Alexa straightened up, she realised he was masturbating. His penis, poking through his fingers, looked larger than before, and Alexa felt fearful as she imagined it inside her.

‘Don’t be frightened,’ Yusuf said, his face against the back of her neck, ‘Relax... Allow us to pleasure you.’ He kissed her shoulder, reassuringly. ‘Turn around now, Alexa. Go loose, and leave everything to us.’

Intrigued in spite of her anxiety, Alexa swivelled round, hutched backwards then felt Siddig take a strong, but gentle grip on her ribcage, just beneath her arms. ‘Relax... Go with it,’ urged Yusuf, straightening her legs, and taking a similar hold on her thighs. Then, at a silent signal, the two men lifted her effortlessly between them, supporting her body with just their powerful brown arms.

Suspended over Siddig’s body, Alexa felt his cock brush her bottom. ‘Reach down now, Alexa,’ she heard him say, ‘Reach down and hold yourself open... If you’re stretched, I’ll slip in more easily.’

Reaching down with both hands, feeling his gripping hands beneath her arms, Alexa gingerly cupped her own buttocks. The act of holding open her own slippery bottom cheeks was exquisitely demeaning, but as her anus met Siddig’s rampant member, she cried out more in welcome than fear.

‘Yes!’ he hissed.

‘Oh God, yes!’ she gasped, as very slowly they let her descend.


Portia Da Costa and Virgin Books 1995

Available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

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