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THE DEVIL INSIDE by Portia Da Costa

Please be aware that this excerpt contains sensual content that is only suitable for adult readers who are comfortable with frank language and descriptions of erotic scenarios

The Devil Inside - buy from Amazon.comBlurb

Imagine waking up one morning with a dramatically increased libido and the gift of psychic sexual intuition. Imagine being able to read other people's sexual fantasies through the gift of extra-sensual perception.

This is exactly what happens to the usually conventional Alexa Lavelle after minor head injury whilst on holiday in the Caribbean. And in order to satisfy her strange and voluptuous new appetites, she is compelled to seek the company of exotic new friends and associates. Beginning with an encounter with the sophisticated and enigmatic doctor, Beatrice, and her gorgeously lusty 'companion' Drew, Alexa finds herself drawn rapidly into a world of bizarre eroticism and dark indulgence.

Faced with the ultimate test of her body, her mind and her senses, can the newly transformed Alexa confront the devil deep inside?

'The Exotic Duo' - unedited excerpt

"The Black Lace Disclaimer: This book is a work of fiction. In real life, make sure you practice safe, sane and consensual sex"

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‘Oh God, yes!’ she gasped, as very slowly they let her descend.

Penetration was incredible. A maelstrom of sensation coursing through the nerves of her bottom, her sex, and her belly. She felt a hideous urge to defecate, that made her squirm and heave her hips, but her two lovers held on tight. They continued to lower her imperturbably onto Siddig’s rigid penis, both murmuring encouragements and endearments as she fretted.

After a few seconds that seemed endless, the bad feelings faded and were replaced by a new one. It was pleasure, but it was maverick and dangerous. She was possessed, invaded, violated in the most primal of ways. She had a man’s penis pushed deep inside her bottom, a baton of flesh that opened and stretched her; she wanted to weep, abase herself, praise her abuser, then make herself more abused than ever to please him.

Even as she felt the emotion, she knew she’d never be able explain it. Yet she loved it. She sighed and purred as they let her settle down, and her buttocks pressed against Siddig’s lower belly.

‘Are you comfortable?’ he asked, his voice tinged with irony as both he and Yusuf released their hold on her.

‘Comfortable’ wasn’t the word Alexa would have chosen to describe the feeling, and it was plain that Siddig knew that.

‘I... I don’t know,’ she answered, then whimpered as his hips swirled and his penis jumped rudely inside her. ‘I’ve never felt like this...’

‘Is this the first time you’ve had a man in your arse?’ His hands curved around her, and cupped her breasts almost negligently, but Alexa sensed his surge of excitement. She’d given him a virginity of sorts and it thrilled him. He and Yusuf were women’s sex objects, but deep down, she realised, they still retained typical male attitudes. Such as the overweening desire to be the ‘the first’... Alexa would’ve liked to debate the point - with one or both of them - but with Siddig’s thick penis in her rectum it was difficult to marshal her arguments. Especially when he was squeezing her breasts in slow, heavy rhythm.

Beginning to pant, and feeling her empty vagina fill with fluid, Alexa hardly knew what to do with her hands. She was fully supported on Siddig, her back against his chest, her bottom cradled by his loins, and her legs stretched out on top of his. She didn’t need to steady herself because she was perfectly balanced on his body and anchored securely by his cock. In addition, she had Yusuf’s hands holding her ankles.

‘Am I the first?’ demanded Siddig, punctuating the question with a jerk of his hips.

Alexa cried out, her legs kicking ineffectually against Yusuf’s grip, then whispered ‘yes’ as waves of heat boiled in her quim.

‘Lovely girl,’ crooned Siddig, moving her breasts in slow, powerful circles, that stopped just short of hurting her. Without thinking, Alexa moaned and grabbed her crotch, her fingers digging blindly for her clitoris.

‘No need for that, my sweet,’ said Yusuf, prising the hand away, then licking it clean of her wetness, ‘Allow me,’ he continued, giving each of her fingers a suck, then releasing them as he changed position.

Alexa watched, her pussy on fire, while he lay face down on the bed between her legs, then scooted himself purposefully forward. Within seconds he was licking her sex.

‘Oh God!’ she cried, finding a use for her hands at last. Digging her fingers into Yusuf’s shiny black hair she tried to pull his face closer to her body... even though his mouth was now jammed against her vulva and his long tongue was stabbing at her clitoris.

Orgasm came quickly, and as her sex contracted and convulsed, she was aware - in a dim, dreamy way - that she wasn’t the only one groaning and squirming.

As her innards spasmed, her sphincter was squeezing Siddig’s penis - and he too was being pushed far too far. He cried out harshly, something incomprehensible in his own language. She heard the word ‘Allah’ and a stream of fevered exclamations, then his voice degenerated into deep, almost agonised groans and his flesh leapt tellingly inside her.

Feeling Siddig’s climax seemed to push her own pleasure higher. Alexa began to fly again, her clitoris swelling and pulsing against Yusuf’s industrious tongue.

‘Oh God,’ she cried, calling on her own deity just as Siddig had called on his. The sensations were too sublime, too rich and too strong, and though she wanted to stay with them, and reach yet another new height, she felt herself fade and black out. Her mind sank gratefully into a warm, dark well, and her body seemed to melt, then follow it.

When she came to, she was empty again, and Siddig’s penis was resting against her bottom. The two men had shifted her onto her side, and she was lying between them like the filling of a sandwich, facing Yusuf and with her back towards Siddig. She could feel Siddig’s face nuzzled in against her shoulder, and from the even-ness of his breathing, she deduced he was dozing. Yusuf, however, was awake.

‘How do you feel?’ he asked, raising a hand to her sweaty forehead, and fluffing the curls that were sticking to her skin. ‘Did my brother hurt you?’ He reached around and feathered a finger across her anus.

‘No... No, I don’t think so,’ she whispered, feeling the ghost of possession in his touch. She wiggled her hips without thinking, and then stopped, and went quite still as her brain suddenly slipped into gear.

‘Are you and Siddig brothers?’ she asked, remembering the passion she’d sensed flowing between them.

Yusuf laughed and cupped the cheek of her bottom. ‘Not brothers in the literal sense, just kinsmen’ he said smilingly, ‘We’re of the same house. The same blood...’ He paused, and she felt his hand move behind her, to brush against Siddig’s quiescent prick, ‘We’re far closer than brothers could ever be,’ he finished significantly, then pressed forward, almost squashing her, and massaged his own, fully-hard penis against the sweat-streaked curve of her belly.

Alexa’s eyes flew open, trying to absorb the facts. Siddig and Yusuf were homosexual lovers, as she’d suspected, and Yusuf was now intensely aroused. So, was it actually her he wanted? Or the ‘brother’ drowsing against her back? Or - and after what’d just happened, this was a distinct possibility - was it a duet for three he desired? A decadent tangle of lips and hands and sexes...

‘Do you make love with Siddig sometimes,’ she asked in a small voice, reaching down to caress his butting cock.

‘Yes, he does,’ said a husky voice in her ear, and she felt a kiss against the back of her neck while another, stronger hand closed tightly over hers and intensified its grip upon Yusuf. ‘Would you like to see what we do?’

Alexa couldn’t speak her answer, she wanted what he was offering too much. The idea of watching these two beautiful men making love was the most delectable, irresistible temptation. She nodded. She could no sooner say ‘no’ than stop breathing.

‘You’ll have to give us some space then, my darling,’ said Siddig, giving her bottom a playful little smack as Yusuf peeled away from her front.

As the taller man went back into a kneel, then slid elegantly from the bed, his long red penis bounced and swayed. It looked fierce. Aggressive. Dominant. And Alexa suddenly realised something intriguing...

Although Siddig was the natural initiator in this partnership, it seemed he didn’t always take the lead. Both literally and figuratively, he was about to roll over for his ‘brother’.

Sensing Siddig on the move behind her, Alexa sat up, then rolled herself to one side out of the way. As she did so, Yusuf took a thick angora blanket out of the ottoman at the foot of the bed and draped it round her shoulders, before climbing past her and turning his attention towards Siddig.

A strange metamorphosis seemed to have taken place in Siddig. He seemed less forceful, less confident, more yielding. In the blink of an eye he’d become loose-limbed and compliant; almost melodramatically feminine. He was pouting quite cocquettishly at Yusuf. And when the taller man lunged determinedly towards him, he whimpered and fell back against the pillows, surrendering to brutal, punishing kiss.

Beneath the blanket, Alexa’s body came alive again. She’d thought that her appetites were thoroughly sated, but as she watched Siddig capitulating completely, and letting his mouth be raped and his body roughly fondled, she felt her own sex begin to burn again.

‘Whore!’ growled Yusuf, his hand closing cruelly on Siddig’s rousing genitals and squeezing until the other man squealed.

It wasn’t at all what Alexa had expected, but the sight of it made her long to take poor Siddig’s place. He was sobbing now, and as Yusuf’s other hand had gone around behind his bottom, she assumed he was being molested there too. His muscular brown legs were kicking and waving, yet he clung to his tormentor like a houri.

Yusuf was talking again now, and looking down into Siddig’s tearful eyes. The words were all in their own language, but the intent and the body language were clear. Siddig was being castigated, and physically demeaned, for being ‘easy’, promiscuous, and the masculine equivalent of a splay-legged, over responsive trollop.

In between his moans and groans, Siddig himself was replying. He seemed to be begging forgiveness, promising to make restitution, and offering his body in the very way he was being taken to task for. It was all a psycho-drama, impossibly theatrical and ridiculously contrived, but Alexa felt her vulva start to drip. It was as exciting as watching D’Aronville cane Beatrice.

For a second, as she thought of the untouchable Frenchman, Alexa shuddered. It was almost as if he’d walked into the room and stood beside her. She looked around, half expecting to see him, but after a heartbeat, she told herself she was stupid, and returned her attention to the men on the bed.

As she watched, open-mouthed, Yusuf virtually dropped Siddig back down onto the counterpane, then, with a negligent shove against his hip, tipped him over from his back onto his front. Siddig shimmied slightly, as if specifically drawing attention the perfection of his buttocks, and offering ecstasy in the dark groove between them.

Yusuf slapped his partner on the thigh. Very hard. Then let his hand soften into the tenderest of caresses.

He loves him, really, thought Alexa, sliding her fingertips between her thighs in search of the tiny throbbing trigger of her clitoris.

Applying a cruel pinch to Siddig’s left buttock, Yusuf reached over, grabbed a couple of the pillows, then pushed them towards his hapless victim.

‘Beneath your hips, slut’ he said curtly, ‘I want to get into you as deeply as I can.’

Alexa shuddered, remembering what it’d felt like with Siddig inside her bottom. His penis was large, but Yusuf’s, if anything, was longer. And thicker. It would feel like a cudgel. A thick, unbending club.

Mounding the pillows into position, Siddig moaned and rubbed his pelvis against them.

As Yusuf moved menacingly over him, Alexa reached for the tub of lubricant and held it out. Yusuf shook his head and waved the stuff away. Alexa knew her horror must have shown on her face, because suddenly he dropped right out of his character, and smiled.

‘He likes it better this way,’ he mimed, his voice silent, but his brown eyes filled with feeling.

So it’s still Siddig that’s in control, thought Alexa wonderingly, as she watched Yusuf spit on his fingers then smear first himself, then his partner’s anus with saliva. The game was harsh because Siddig liked it ‘harsh’. It was nothing at all to do with Yusuf’s wishes. He was only giving Siddig exactly what he wanted, and when he used his thumbs to pry open the bottom of the man beneath him, it was an act of love, not one of desecration.

Even so, Siddig howled when he was penetrated. Yusuf pressed into him, wiggling the tip of his cock to get a purchase, then slammed forward in an unrelenting rush, using his grip on his companion’s hips to give him leverage.

As Yusuf rose and fell, rose and fell, it was clear that Siddig was in heaven. His cries were goads of encouragement, not shrieks of pain or fear, and his expression was one of total, soaring bliss. His delight was so intense, so all consuming that it seemed to wash through Alexa’s body too. She felt it like a brilliant, blinding glow in her fingers and her toes, and a soft, electric pulse-beat in her sex.

Climax claimed her again, so quick and sweet that she could hardly breathe, and for a second she felt her mind black out again. Gasping, she put out her free hand, scrabbling and searching, and found Siddig’s hand where he was gouging at the bedclothes. Their fingers clasped, then laced and squeezed in silent unity... just as Yusuf threw his head back and roared with joy.

Portia Da Costa and Virgin Books 1995

Available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

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