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Please be aware that this excerpt contains sensual content that is only suitable for adult readers who are comfortable with frank language and descriptions of erotic scenarios

A Gentlewoman's RavishmentBlurb

Even though she's happily married, the Honourable Mrs Prudence Enderby is a rather fanciful young woman who enjoys indulging in scandalous erotic daydreams, some of which she's whispered to her doting husband Edward in the privacy of their bed. After a glass or two of spiced Madeira, she's even gone so far as scandalising her friends at the Ladies Sewing Circle, regaling them with her longing to be kidnapped and ravished by a masked barbarian.

Her exotic whimsies remain unfulfilled however, until one day, whilst taking a brief constitutional walk, on the way home from the Circle, she really is abducted, and bundled blindfold into a passing carriage, where, within moments, she is being kissed and fondled and touched by the unseen hand of a silent male companion.

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I land on the seat, the air knocked out of me, and in the darkness, I hear the carriage door slam, the click of the lock, and the flutter of blinds being drawn.

My situation finally dawns on me.

I wanted to be abducted, didn’t I? Well, now it’s happened. Be careful of what you wish for, rings in my head.

I open my mouth again to scream and cry for help, but once again, I’m frustrated. A large, firm, very forbidding forefinger settles against my lips, effectively paralyzing them to silence, and I feel a powerful presence beside me, almost vibrating. I might as well be gagged, the finger so commands me, and where it touches me my lips tingle with a strange, electrical heat. Which makes me shudder from the crown of my head down to my toes.

When the finger retreats, I still can’t speak. I can barely think.

The rumbling, rocking carriage is filled with a luscious and spicy scent. It’s pungent and exotic, but still speaks explicitly of a man. The beauty of the fragrance only intensifies my trembling, and instead of cowering in a corner, I can’t help but gravitate towards the source of the scent. My unseen and also as yet unspeaking captor.

A mouth settles on mine. A man’s mouth, with lips that are soft, almost velvety and yet muscular. Immediately he compels me to part my own lips and admit his tongue into the moist heat of my mouth. His tongue subdues mine, taking possession of me without effort and with no expectation of resistance. I’m rendered helpless but the sensation melts my belly.

My kissing captor tastes as sweet as he smells, and if I were a weaker woman I’d swoon from the pleasure of it. But I’m strong. I don’t want to faint away and miss a second of this. Even though I’m in deadly danger, my senses are firing, my spirits lifting. So I enjoy him and his kiss becomes a laugh as my tongue seeks his.

Am I too bold? Am I inciting my doom? Probably. But somehow I crave it. This is my fantasy, the one I described, brought to reality as if to order.

The trundling motion of the speeding carriage is unbearably stimulating. Every nerve in my body is sensitized, and as we bump over cobbles, every knock and lurch excites the secret hidden parts of me that yearn for contact. Still kissing me, my abductor slides his hand under my short walking cloak and cups my breast quickly and roughly. Through my gown and my chemise, he flicks my nipple, coaxing it out from beneath the top edge of my corset. As he plays with it and rolls it between finger and thumb, my hips roll too.

“So wanton,” he whispers against my mouth, his voice rasping and barely audible. He plucks at my nipple and I bounce on the seat as if my sex wants to press against him of its own accord. Still kissing me, he wrenches open the top of my gown, sending buttons pinging around the interior of the carriage, then reaches in with a bold, un-gloved hand to touch my skin.

Available from eHarlequin, All Romance Ebooks, Diesel eBook Store, Fictionwise, Mills & Boon, Barnes & Noble, Sony eBook Store, Portia's Nook Store and Amazon Kindle

NEW Now available at Amazon UK Kindle Store NEW

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