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Please be aware that this excerpt contains sensual content that is only suitable for adult readers who are comfortable with frank language and descriptions of erotic scenarios

A Gentlewoman's RavishmentBlurb

Even though she's happily married, the Honourable Mrs Prudence Enderby is a rather fanciful young woman who enjoys indulging in scandalous erotic daydreams, some of which she's whispered to her doting husband Edward in the privacy of their bed. After a glass or two of spiced Madeira, she's even gone so far as scandalising her friends at the Ladies Sewing Circle, regaling them with her longing to be kidnapped and ravished by a masked barbarian.

Her exotic whimsies remain unfulfilled however, until one day, whilst taking a brief constitutional walk, on the way home from the Circle, she really is abducted, and bundled blindfold into a passing carriage, where, within moments, she is being kissed and fondled and touched by the unseen hand of a silent male companion.

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Swept away by a domineering stranger, Prudence has been transported to a mysterious house of assignation and finds herself deposited in a luxurious boudoir. Realising she can't hide out in the bathroom forever, she prepares to return to the opulent bedchamber... where there's a new surprise in store.


What a fright I am! Hair all askew, and pink in the face, with lips that are bruised cherry red from kissing. My dress is ruined, buttons still rolling around on the floor of the carriage I presume, and my bosom looks very white against the dark blue of my bodice where it hangs open. And I haven’t the first idea where my hat and shawl and walking cloak are.

Yet when I look into my own eyes, an imp of mischief laughs. Goodness, I’m such a strumpet! I’ve enjoyed my escapade so far. I should be ashamed of myself, and yet still I smile, an unrepentant houri.

When I return to the boudoir and the peacock, there are two men waiting for me!

“Please don’t be alarmed, madam, we’re only here to serve you,” says the more forward of the two, a fresh faced rather jolly looking lad in his twenties, perhaps. His brown hair is short and his eyes are blue… and, like his companion, he’s clad in just a pair of loose trousers, made of linen or some other soft fabric. His chest, his arms and his feet are quite bare. How astonishing.

His friend says nothing, but his eyes, brown as old port, are bold. He stares unabashedly at the open bodice of my gown, and for half a second, I wonder if he were the wicked but skillful devil who manhandled me in the carriage. He has a dark, piratical look, almost, with wild dark curls and a faintly swarthy complexion.

But my carriage man was taller than he, I suspect, and built quite differently. I didn’t see him, but his presence and bearing were not like this man’s at all.

Not that this dusky, exotic fellow is unattractive. In fact either of my new “friends” could be called beaux. Unable to prevent myself, I find my gaze skittering over the pair of them, noting fine muscles, smooth skin, a little masculine hair on their well formed chests… and dear me, I hardly dare say… splendid male appendages prominently visible through the thin and revealing cloth of their light trousers.

My pink face rapidly becomes as brilliant as a peony.

“Wh- what do you mean by ‘serve me’?”

“We are here to help you to relax, and to prepare you, madam,” the darker of the two answers. He has a little accent, quite charming and so alluring it makes me quiver.

“For the pleasure of our master,” the other young man says. He has rather attractive lips, and all the time, they seem to be right on the edge of quirking into a smile, or even broad laughter. Something seems to be amusing him mightily, I must say, and even though I’m in the most perilous of situations, and I really don’t know what’s going to happen to me next, I find myself bizarrely amused and inclined to smile too.

I think I must play along with this. It seems my only option. I cannot escape so why resist?

“So be it. It seems I have very little alternative…” I bow my head a little, acquiescing. Or at least appearing to “… but to throw myself on your mercy and his, and hope and pray that you will all be kind to me.”

“You may have no worry on that score, madam,” says the curly-haired charmer, “My name is Yuri, and my friend here is Clarence. Please allow us to assist you to undress.”

My heart flutters, and tongues of heat seem to lick about my body. Take my clothes off in front of not one, but two unknown men? Scandalous!

But sure no more scandalous than not fighting the unseen marauder in the carriage. Even though I was tied, I could have resisted somehow. But I didn’t. I succumbed.

C’est la vie.

The two handsome fellows close on me with no further ado.

“Don’t be afraid, Mrs. Enderby,” murmurs Clarence as his fingers fly to the remainder of my dress buttons and the front of my bodice gapes further open. How does he know my name, I wonder as the two of them work as a syncopated team, and in a jiffy, my dark, heavy gown is off over my head and flung aside on a gilded chair.

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