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Please be aware that this excerpt contains sensual content that is only suitable for adult readers who are comfortable with frank language and descriptions of erotic scenarios

No Longer ForbiddenBlurb

The third instalment of RISQUÉ REUNIONS

Ten years ago, when she was nineteen, Annette Fraser was wracked by a huge crush on her math teacher, Nicholas Laurence. In her heart, she knew her feelings were true, and that Mr Laurence reciprocated them, but his strict ethical code forbade him revealing his emotions, and her natural good sense prevented her from doing anything silly. Ten years later, and never having found a love such as she felt for her handsome, cultured teacher, she looks forward to meeting up with him again at a school reunion as adults and equals. But unfortunately fate has dealt Nicholas a painful blow. Badly injured in a car crash, but now recovered, he still bears the scars. Annette’s love is undiminished, and on seeing her, Nicholas knows his feelings are also unchanged, and more intense now that their love is no longer taboo.

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We cross the hall and I almost laugh at the sensation of the crowds parting like the Red Sea. People are looking at us, but they seem like dummies or cartoon figures, behind glass. I’m only aware of Nick, just a little behind me, and to the side. I hear the tap of his stick, and the faint swish of his dark, old-fashioned academic gown billowing around him. I almost faint when I feel the light touch of his free hand on my back, guiding me through the throng.

The entrance foyer seems to stretch to infinity, but somehow we cross it. Nick’s uneven gait seems far more fluid now, less broken, as if the sudden flare of lust between us has partially cured him. Within moments, we’re hurrying along the corridor to the teachers’ quarters, then turning a corner.

The minute we do, he grabs my hand and stops me. We’re out of view now, and his stick clatters to the tiled floor as he somehow both pulls me to him and backs me up against the wood paneled wall, pressing both his body, and then his lips against me, ravenous.

Oh, how honey sweet is the reality after all that dreaming. His mouth is both soft as velvet and yet hard and demanding. Just as I imagined it would be. He presses for entrance with his tongue, and I melt, opening to him. My bag thumps to the floor alongside his stick as I reach up to bury my fingers in his thick dark hair.

It’s every bit as exquisitely silky as I imagined it would be, and as I ruffle it, eagerly exploring, the scent of his woodsy shampoo fills my head.

He might have been injured, but his body is still strong, and he imposes it upon me. One arm is around me, and slides down to the small of my back, pushing and pressing, bringing our lower bodies tight together. I gasp under the onslaught of his tongue.

His cock is as hard as iron, and my heart sings with exultation. I know this is what he felt before, but could never reveal to the nineteen-year old me. The power of it is undiminished after ten long years.

His other hand strokes my face, then tracks on downwards, coasting over my throat, and then my shoulder, before sweeping inwards to cup my breast, the action both natural and boldly male and possessive. Almost immediately, he begins to strum my painfully erect nipple through the thin stuff of my silky top and my light, lacy bra.

“Oh! Oh, God, yes!” I cry out spontaneously as he frees my mouth, and we both gulp in oxygen. Darts of pure sensation are streaking from my teat to my pussy, making it flutter and throb as if powered by an inner battery.

I’m so ready that it seems as if ten years of waiting has been ten years of voluptuous foreplay.

Available from eHarlequin, Fictionwise, Books on Board Sony Ebook Store, Diesel eBook Store, All Romance eBooks, Portia's Nook Store and Amazon Kindle

Now available at Amazon Kindle UK

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