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WITH THIS RING, I THEE BED - a Spice anthology

With This Ring I Thee WedWith This Ring, I Thee Bed, is an anthology of themed erotica, embracing the motif of weddings and marriage, collected by the legendary author and editor Alison Tyler. It contains contributions from many well known erotica authors including Saskia Walker and Portia Da Costa.

Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Spice; Original edition (May 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0373605552
ISBN-13: 978-0373605552

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This collection contains:



Amanda and Julian celebrate their anniversary in an unusually kinky way!

I hang my head, not really ashamed of my extravagance at all. In fact I glory in it. The only thing that I can't face is the intensity of my husband's glittering gaze. It makes me weak, weak at the knees. Knees I want to tumble to so I can crawl around the back of the desk and reach for…

"I think you'll find what we need on the sideboard, Amanda," he goes on in the face of my silence. I'm not even supposed to speak at this juncture. "I wonder if you would be good enough to fetch it."

With slow steps, and eyes still downcast, I walk over the to the polished antique sideboard and look down tremblingly on the object that lies there.

I hardly dare touch it. I raise my hand, then withdraw it, feeling dizzy.

"Amanda," he prompts softly, and with a leaping heart I pick up the leather strap.

It's not an ugly thing, in fact far from it. The leather's a rich very, very dark brown, not unlike to the color of Julian's hair, and the intricate filigree tooling in white is a little bit like the elegant threading of grey that he has. If it wasn't for its purpose, I'd consider the strap an object of rare beauty. But as it is, its awesome purpose fills my imagination with breath-taking resonances.

"Place it here," he instructs, pointing to a spot towards the edge of his desk, "Then you may clear the usual space in readiness."

Leather upon leather, I set down the strap on the desk's black hide inset, then begin my ominous task. Files, ornamental inkwell set, Julian's favorite pen, his PDA and mobile phone; all these I arrange to one side, so the centre of the desk is quite empty. When all is ready, I glance towards my husband for my next cue.

"Very good, my dear." His voice is quite kind, approving me. "Very neat... And now, I think you know what to do next?"

It's intoned as a question, but again, underneath, it isn't one. I know exactly what to do, and blood rushes around my body as I comply.

Carefully, and with as much grace as I can muster, I arranged myself face down across my husband's gleaming desk, my head facing the side where he's sitting. Folding my arms, I lay my face against them and the skin of my cheeks feels very hot.

"Nicely done, my dear," Julian murmurs, coming around to stand directly behind me. His long graceful hand settles lightly on my buttocks, touching first one then the other, the contact quite distinct through my layers of clothing. "Now, let's get you ready, shall we?" It's as if we're having a perfectly normal conversation as he takes hold of the hem of my skirt.

Available in print from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Available as an ebook from Harlequin eBook Store and Amazon Kindle

With This Ring, I Thee Wed edited by Alison Tyler
Harlequin Spice ® 2011  ISBN 978-0373605552
2011 story by Portia Da Costa
and are trademarks of the publisher

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